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What is the Grinding Process?

The grinding process is carried out by means of a grinding machine, which, through the machining of parts by abrasion, removes part of the material to give it shape and improve the tolerance of the product. The purpose of part grinding is to correct imperfections to improve the finish and shape of a part. To do this, it uses tools called wheels, which are made of different materials, depending on the part to be ground.

Grinding machines for industrial parts are large machines that contain a rotating wheel with abrasive grains that can be of various types, depending on the shape and dimensions of the part to be ground:

  • Flat Grinding Machine
  • Centerless Grinding Machine
  • Tangential Grinding Machine
  • External Grinding Machine
  • Grinding Between Points
  • etc.

Grinding is applied after the part has passed through other machine tools that have removed the major impurities, leaving only a small surplus of material to be removed by the grinder. Sometimes, after the grinding process, polishing and lapping are also carried out.

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