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What is Flat Surface Grinding?

The grinding of flat surfaces is an abrasive machining procedure, where the metal part is polished by a wheel that rotates at high speed and removes small chips. Grinding is used for finishing, leaving the surface perfectly smooth and polished, within the previously determined dimensions. For flat surfaces, an orbital grinder is generally used.

In flat grinding, the objective is to produce surfaces parallel to the plane with a defined depth quality of surface roughness. There are different variants of procedures that differ in the order of the abrasive axis with respect to the work surface and the feed or feed values.

How is a Quality Grinding carried out?

The grinding process is usually carried out in several passes. First, a coarse-grained grinding wheel is used for roughing and then a fine-grained one for finishing and adjusting the measurements.

There are different types of grinding. In special cylindrical grinding and precision machining, for the manufacture of blades and sharpening tools, molas are used in different ways. The most commonly used are: flat disc, cylindrical, conical cup, cylindrical cup, profiled, plate, for fillets, among others.

In order to achieve a grinding of quality flat surfaces it is necessary to have the latest generation of machinery, commanded with advanced technology of digital systems and to have highly qualified personnel for its handling. Rectificados Mayer offers a top quality service, backed by many years of experience, to make your mechanical projects a reality.

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