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What is a Decolletage Workshop?

If you’re reading this post, you don’t know very well what decolletage is about, so we’re going to help you understand its uses.

By means of decolletage, we manufacture and profile screws, shafts or any other machining of materials that need to be machined for mass production or small batches of industrial parts. In a decolletage workshop, pieces of various sizes can be handled, depending on the customer’s needs.

Use of Decolletage

In the beginning, you could only give the pieces of revolution by means of the decoletaje, however, thanks to the improvements and to the use that was given to this type of pieces, today any piece can be made, from the bars of metal or greater plastic up to small screws.

Origin of Decolletage

When we use the word decoletaje we are talking about the operation that is done in the cutting of the pieces that are separated from a specific bar.

“The name decolletage comes from the French “décolletage” and refers to the final cutting operation of the piece, separating it from the bar. The reason for the name is that the origin of the decolletage is to be found in French-speaking Switzerland and it is a technique with great implantation in France and Switzerland”.

Applications of Decolletage

When a work of decolletage is requested, this type of work is considered of subcontracting, that is to say, after the piece is finished it is passed to the decolletage, since the pieces are made to the request of the client and under the specifications that it indicates and then it is passed to this method.

The parts that are manufactured by means of decolletage are used in:

  • The vehicle industry
  • In the manufacture of machinery
  • In the manufacture of implants and prostheses
  • For the manufacture of household appliances that are indispensable to homes all over the world
  • In the manufacture of fittings and flanges
  • In the field of watchmaking
  • In the field of aeronautics
  • In the wind industry.

These are the main reasons why decolletage is essential today and is carried out in almost all machining companies. Without decolletage it would be virtually impossible for most of the things we use on a daily basis to function properly.

Today decolletage is considered to be one of the most outstanding businesses in the world of machining. This means that all the advances in turning are given very broadly year after year and will have more profits in the near future in everything related to technology.

Precision Decolletage

This type of material must be made in a machining center with special parts. In precision decolletage you can enjoy a lot of materials ranging from steel which is a material that needs extra attention to materials such as titanium, brass or plastics.

All these materials are subjected to this process by means of precision decolletage.

Our company is highly specialized in all the processes of decolletage and we use pieces of all the dimensions with the different forms that the client demands.

Since we are a factory of decolletage to measure of our clients, we are able to develop all the pieces under orders of plane or we can advise to the people who need it so that they can find an option to their problems. We have been in the market for more than 16 years and have the capacity to solve any type of problem that may arise.

Our experts offer advice for small and large companies and are able to support you in any part.

Professionals for precision decolletage

For this type of decolletage, a much more qualified personnel is needed than for any other type, since this type of decolletage is worked with exclusive machines of all type that serve only for this type of decolletaje. If it is done by qualified personnel with high quality machines, precision decolletage will be superior.

CNC Decolletage

CNC decolletage is done by means of computerized control. By means of this system the person is allowed to control the position in which the tool to be mounted on a machine is placed. Once the part is assembled, by means of a program and a series of indications, the coordinates of the part with respect to the machine are placed.

This type of machine can be supplied with fully finished parts. This can include finishing or thermal treatments. This last step is only taken if necessary.

Decolletage for various industries

In terms of customer ranges and different sectors in which we work, our company has extensive experience and to treat automotive parts, parts for bicycles, parts for household appliances, special machinery, compressors, wind industry, lighting, etc..

If you are looking for a company that gives high quality parts to companies, in addition to great reliability and above all seriousness, you must have our team of professionals, as we will become an essential partner in your company when it comes to the decolletage of parts.

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