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Industrial Grinding Types

Industrial grinding machines are a tool used to make machining by abrasion, with greater dimensional precision and lower roughness than in machining by removal of chips.

For the grinding process, abrasive discs, known as grinding wheels, are used. The grinding is carried out after the piece has been free of impurities and debris, leaving only a surplus of material to be removed by the grinding machine.


Today we are going to talk about some of the types of grinding that we work in Rectificats Serra:


Centerless Grinding
Centerless grinding is an external grinding process for large series of cylindrical components and due to its short grinding times guarantees an extremely high level of productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Grinding Between Points
In general external cylindrical grinding, rotationally symmetrical workpieces are normally clamped in the machine ‘between points’ and then worked with material release by an abrasive wheel.

Threading by Lamination
It allows to elaborate threads of any length, with the best finish of quality, precision and uniformity. It is a cold operation, improving the attainment and resistance of the material without removal of chips.

Centerless Plongée Grinding
The centerless plongée grinding is an external cylindrical grinding process for small, medium and large, which unlike the centerless passante, this is carried out in specific areas of the piece.

It is a cold forming process of the material by means of rollers that press the piece while it turns. This deformation copies the drawing of the rollers.



At Rectificats Serra, we have been working on the industrial grinding of parts for more than 25 years. If you need help or a quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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