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Grinding Methods: Tangential Grinding

At Rectificats Serra we have a wide range of industrial grinding machines with which we carry out different types of grinding that often complement each other. We consider all solutions within the grinding of flat surfaces, tangential grinding, vertical grinding, centerless grinding and CNC control system grinding … from small materials to eliminate large slabs and in different hardness and quality. The dimensions of the parts to be ground are variable, so the types of grinding also vary.

Tangential Grinding

What is tangential grinding and how does it work?

Abrasion grinding of parts is one of three processes that remove material from a part to shape and model it. Rather, it is a part finishing process and the tool used for this is an abrasive wheel that grinds the parts.

The machines used in grinding are known as grinding machines and since there are several different types of grinding, there are also different types of grinding machines adapted to each need.

These flat surface industrial grinding machines are the easiest to use, as they consist only of a longitudinal carriage that gives the translation movement to the part and the wheel, which prints the rotation movement in the grinding process.

In Tangential Grinding, the wheel rotates on a horizontal spindle, works on the edge of the workpiece and moves with a circular and pendulum movement. They are used for high-precision grinding on simple flat surfaces, flared or inclined surfaces, grooves, shoulder flat surfaces, recessed surfaces and profiles.

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