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Abrasive Grinding Types

At Rectificats Serra we have a wide range of grinding machines with which we carry out various types of grinding of parts that are often complementary to each other. We cover all solutions within flat grinding; short and long series, from little material to eliminate large slabs and in different hardnesses and qualities.

Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding is an external grinding process for
large series of cylindrical components and due to their short lifespan.
grinding times guarantees an extremely high level of grinding performance.
productivity and profitability.

Grinding Between Points

In general external cylindrical grinding, the workpieces rotate.
are normally held in place on the machine “between points” and then are
worked with material detachment by means of an abrasive wheel.

Threading by Lamination

It allows to make threads of any length, with the best quality finish,
precision and uniformity. It is an operation carried out in cold, improving the
achievement and resistance of the material without removal of chips.

Centerless Plongée Grinding

Centerless plongée grinding is an external cylindrical grinding process.
for small medium and large, which unlike the centerless passante,
This is done in specific areas of the part.


It is a process of cold forming of the material by means of rollers that
they press the piece as it spins. This deformation copies the drawing
of the rollers.

Alignment of Bench Shafts

The shaft alignment is done on a bench using a comparator for a
with a press to straighten them out.

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